The Pearl of Paradise


From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jean Brashear

An unabashedly romantic tale of sacrifices made in the name of love…

Former mercenary Damon Alexander accepted guardianship of a sacred ivory carving and sacrificed any chance for a life with his beloved Lily to save her from being killed by his archenemy. Now his enemy is back and murdering innocents to draw him off sacred ground.

Cursed to die should he leave the sacred carving he is pledged to protect, Damon is prepared to sacrifice his life to stop the carnage-but Lily is equally determined to save him with the only thing that might hold him back, the knowledge that he has a son.

When his enemy kidnaps their child, the love that never died draws them together in a race to find some means to break the curse and save the son Damon has never met.

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At twilight, Lily entered the moon gate she’d used so often when Fan Li was alive. Ivy tumbled over the high stone wall; shadows crept across the deep green grass surrounding the flagstone courtyard between the living quarters and the temple.

For a moment, she had to stop and simply force her lungs to breathe, her heart to resume beating, so powerful was her sense of coming home.

For five long years, she’d only existed, she realized. She felt sick, facing all she’d lost. No home, no comfort…no child.

Damon had driven her out of paradise, robbed her of the only home she’d ever known. She’d found herself pregnant and alone. The day Kwan’s men had tried to kidnap her, she’d managed to escape, but she’d realized that she would have to take extreme measures to protect the tiny seed within her. Kwan’s hatred of Damon ran so deep that a child of Damon’s blood would forever be a hostage to fate. Lily had to hide until she gave birth, then let others raise her baby. Simply by virtue of his existence, Damon denied her the chance to be the mother she yearned to be.

Maybe hate wasn’t so hard to maintain, after all.

If Damon died, she’d be free. Her child would be free, for a small boy could assert no claim to guardianship of the Pearl. Damon’s role had been thrust upon him by fate. His son would not be forced to inherit the role as Dragon. Lily half-turned, poised to leave, desperate to drown out the riptide of pain and anger and longing.

Until, quick as the shadow he’d been, Damon materialized, towering over her in the dimming light.

She would have known him with her eyes closed.

“Lily.” That slight New Orleans drawl still colored the voice she heard far too often in her dreams. She wondered now why she’d considered it wise to come.

Glancing up, she thought her heart might stop. Damon had always had the face of a dark angel and the cold blue eyes of a killer, but for one endless moment, she only saw agony and yearning she ached to heal. A thousand memories swept like a hot wind through her body, those eyes alight with teasing…glowing with desire…caressing her with velvet care. Her hand rose of its own accord, and she took one step forward to offer comfort–

Blue eyes turned glacial, and the drawl hardened. “Get out, Lily. You don’t belong here.”

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  • “Sizzles with sensuality and suspense from beginning to end!”

    – New York Times Bestselling author Sharon Sala
  • “Jean Brashear has that ‘it’ factor. She is an incredibly talented writer who can hit every note with enough clarity to bring the reader tears, laughter or just, ‘Oh, my, this is an amazing story.’”

    – New York Times Bestselling author Stella Cameron

As a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of nearly 40 novels in romance and women’s fiction, Jean Brashear is a five-time RITA finalist and Romantic Times BOOK Reviews Career Achievement Award winner who knows a lot about taking crazy chances….Read More

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