A Change of Heart by Jean BrashearSo…I’ve been a vegetarian since I was a teenager, but I never wanted to make life hard on family and friends by expecting anyone to cook special for me or rule out places to eat. My beloved is a diehard carnivore, and I cooked meat for the rest of the family, but it was tough sledding when they wanted to go to their favorite BBQ joint. Most of them have few or no side dishes, as meat is the point of it all!

But then my doctor told me I had to start eating meat because I just wasn’t getting enough protein to stave off bone density problems despite my best efforts—and who knew that though I made sure I got plenty of calcium, protein is equally important to bone formation!

A Change of Heart by Jean Brashear

So I’ve been trying to like meat. I swear I have. (And trust me, my rancher forebears have been thoroughly horrified by my past abstinence! :))  I’ve met with limited success, however, so it’s mostly been hold-my-nose and just do it. Or bury it in starches, but that doesn’t help the girlish figure, does it?

All that changed, to my absolute astonishment, with a day trip my honey and I took to the oldest BBQ joint in Texas, Black’s Barbecue in Lockhart. The drive was lovely, as the wildflowers were everywhere along the highway. Thedestination was my suggestion, knowing my beloved would enjoy the food.

But amazingly enough, I really liked the brisket I had there! So tender it cut with a fork like butter, and so flavorful it didn’t need a sauce. Here is a picture of the astonished me with an actual plate with meat on it as proof to my family that miracles do happen!

If you’re anywhere near Lockhart, Texas, do yourself a solid and give Black’s Barbecue a try!

What’s your favorite restaurant?

  1. Mandolas

  2. I had never had brisket until a trip to Texas a decade ago! It was a life changer. So amazing. I can totally understand why you would enjoy that!

  3. Looks mighty tasty!! Welcome to the wild side Jean!!?

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