A Fun Idea for Vintage Linens! by Jean Brashear

Like many of you, I’m guessing, I have inherited a number of lace doilies and what were called dresser scarves (sort of table runners to put on top of a dresser.) I even have a set embroidered to go beneath a sugar bowl and cream pitcher. I’ve debated what to do with them, since I’m not sure future generations will have a use for them, either.

I’ve seen them sewn together to make modern-sized table runners for the dining room or for valances for windows, but then I ran across this idea for a tea party quilt (my name for it, as I’m not sure where I found this!)

Love the floral fabrics in the teacups and teapots, but what really catches my eye is the use of the lace and embroidered cloth doilies!

Do you have any such linens you want to preserve in some way?

  1. This is so cute! I have a ton of hankies so if you ever find a cute way of doing something with them, please post.

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