A Hug for a Sweetie by Jean Brashear

This was a fun diversion from needle projects! (Though I guess that’s a stretch to say, given that I hand stitched the whole thing, huh?) I wanted something for a friend’s new baby, and though in real life, elephants are enormous and sometimes dangerous, they look so sweet.
The baby is a girl, but lest I contribute to the pink overload, I decided on pink accents, but this lime green just makes me smile to look at, do you agree? The fleece is super-soft, and I embroidered eyes instead of button eyes, since the little girl still has to go through the everything-in-the-mouth stage down the road.
The elephant is a little over a foot high and very huggable—I of course had to try it out first, just to be sure!
  1. Your elephant is adorable!! I’m sure the baby will get lots of enjoyment out of it. I love the color choices.

  2. That elephant is adorable.

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