Bluebonnet Time Is Here! by Jean Brashear

I spotted my first patch of bluebonnets last week! February is early to be seeing them, but they’re always a welcome sight!

Bluebonnet Time Is Here! by Jean BrashearBluebonnet season is such a lovely time. Along roadsides and in yards and fields and parks everywhere, this gorgeous blue carpet gives Texans and visitors joy for about three precious weeks.

It’s a common custom to have family photos made amidst bluebonnets, and scores of children are immortalized in diapers and Easter dresses, plus there are prom photos, wedding photos…you name it. Everybody and (sometimes literally) his dog is depicted amidst these happy little blooms.

Indian paintbrush weaves its way into the picture, along with evening primrose, making way for such colorful names as bastard cabbage 😉 which looks gorgeous in swaths of yellow but is definitely an invasive species that’s tall enough to bury all the other pretty blooms.

Bluebonnet Time Is Here! by Jean BrashearThe big trick with the bluebonnets is not to mow them down until they go to seed. Thanks to Ladybird Johnson, that happens much less frequently these days, but all it takes is one errant and ambitious mower to rob a roadside of its glory.

So happy it’s bluebonnet time again! Come on down—or come see us next spring and enjoy it along with us!

What’s your favorite wildflower?

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  1. Thank you jean for the beautiful pictures. The only time I was in Texas i was to little to remember the flowers but reading the novels set in Texas and the way they describe the bluebonnets i can see them in my minds she very clearly.

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