Book List

The Texas Heroes series consists of interconnected sub-series and are ideally read in the order below. Each book stands on its own, but characters are woven in and out of other books besides each couple’s own story (with the exception of Texas Ties/Texas Troubles/Texas Together, which are serialized installments.)

The Gallaghers of Morning Star

The Marshalls

The World of Sweetgrass Springs

The Gallaghers of Sweetgrass Springs (cousins of the Morning Star clan)

The Book Babes (a serialized story in 3 installments—best to read before TEXAS HOPE)

More Sweetgrass Springs Stories

Lone Star Lovers (Liam Sullivan first appears in Texas Strong; otherwise, these books can be read anytime after Texas Strong, if order is important to you)


Other Novels (Not part of Texas Heroes)


Second Chances


To read TEXAS HEROES in numerical order:

  1. Texas Secrets
  2. Texas Lonely
  3. Texas Bad Boy
  4. Texas Refuge
  5. Texas Star
  6. Texas Danger
  7. Texas Roots
  8. Texas Wild
  9. Texas Dreams
  10. Texas Rebel
  11. Texas Blaze
  12. Texas Christmas Bride
  13. Texas Ties
  14. Texas Troubles
  15. Texas Together
  16. Texas Hope
  17. Texas Strong
  18. Texas Sweet
  19. Texas Heartthrob
  20. Texas Healer
  21. Texas Protector
  22. Be Mine This Christmas
  23. Texas Charm
  24. Texas Magic
  25. Be My Midnight Kiss
  26. Texas Deception
  27. Texas Lost
  28. Texas Wanderer
  29. Texas Bodyguard
  30. Texas Rescue

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