The Book Babes of Austin

The Book Babes reading group began as five women wanting to talk books—but now they’ve become family. There’s romance author Ava Sinclair, organizer and backbone; happily-married mother of five Ellie Preston, the heart of the group; elegant art gallery owner Sylvie Everett; single mom and sociology professor Luisa Martinez; and ambitious attorney Laken Foster, the wild child of the bunch. For several years now, they’ve met monthly and discussed the current book a little–and dissected their lives and loves far more often.

But now change is rippling through the group, and life–for all of them and the men they love–will never be the same.

And then there’s the surprise Sweetgrass Springs connection…

(Best read before Texas Hope)

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The Book Babes Texas Heroes Sweetgrass Springs Jean Brashear