I’ve taken a fair amount of teasing from my family over what they’ve termed my Box O’ Gloves—but they, like you all, already know my taste is somewhat eclectic, yes?

My great-grandmother had a thing for leather gloves, but what to do with them? I couldn’t get rid of such a colorful assortment, but I don’t exactly live the uptown lifestyle that could support wearing them. So I started tinkering, and between her gloves, her tiny perfume bottles and her daughter’s (my adored grandmother) jewelry, I assembled this shadow box. I used earbobs (the screw-on type—ouch!) for rings, along with the occasional cameo pin or scarf slide, plus her strand of pearls to put together this assortment (including the russet set a cherished friend brought me back from Paris—how my great-grandmother would have adored that!)

Voila! Box O’ Gloves! The mates to these are in the cedar hope chest that was my mother’s. Do you have any keepsakes you’ve wondered what to do with?
Box O’ Gloves by Jean Brashear

  1. Love the shadow box. I did one for my mama. She was a sewing buff. My oldest daughter has it, she sews like her grandmother. My daddy was in the Navy. I was a pilot. I have a set of his wings, dog tags, wallet with all pilot licenses, oak leaves, set of his ribbons. I have two flag shadow boxes, one flag draped his casket. The other one belonged to my mama. This flag flew over the capital.

  2. Did these gloves fit you?

  3. How did you attach the gloves to the back piece?

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