Cats or Dogs? by Jean Brashear

A nameless dog plays a big part in the story of Guarding Gaby, helping Eli watch over Gaby while Eli must remain in hiding, for her sake. This dog is based on one we used to own early in our marriage, built like a boxer but had a head—and powerful tracking nose—like a beagle. Wishbone was skinny and covered with ticks when we found him, but under our care, he soon recovered his sleek muscular frame. He was a sweetheart, but boy, did we have to keep an eye on him because the slightest scent would have him wandering off, nose to the ground!

Over the years, I’ve had both cats and dogs, and both have big draws as pets. Do you prefer one or the other, or are you happier with both? Leave your comment below!

  1. I have always preferred dogs, but, I had to give my dog away, because, I wasn’t physically able to tend to her! I do have a cat, though! A cat isn’t as loving as a dog!

    • I have to agree, Linda, that most of them aren’t as affectionate, but I have known a few who are. So sorry you had to give up your dog!

  2. I’ve been blessed to have several that have dog traits – like coming when called, doing tricks, playing fetch and being protective. Love dogs, too, but give me a dog-sized cat any time. It’s the “love me when I want & leave me alone when I want” attitude…kind of like me!

  3. I love both but right now I have a cat named Anya. She is a 3 yr old Tuxedo.

  4. Rescued a cat due to my physical limitations after all my life with dogs and only two cats…found out, much to my dismay, I’m NOT a cat person…trying to find a new home for this nice cat…

  5. As I’m allergic to cats, I’ll go with dogs. Mine loves to snuggle up against me, which I love.

  6. My granddaughter is allergic to dogs so we had to giveaway the papillon we had. Cats drive me crazy climbing on tables, countertops, and furniture. My daughter and her family have two and they are all the time climbing on their counters and getting into their food. Most of the time it’s right after they have visited the litter box! Yuk!!

  7. Dogs, had a cat and he wasn’t as affectionate as any of my dogs, they poop in a litter box that smells. Whereas a dog, goes outside, fresh air. Makes you get up and go for walks, better for your health.They are a good… and spells God backwards, which I believe is a gift from God.

    Yes both have drawbacks. But another point for dogs, they are warning devices. Someone’s lurking around.. bark bark.. you go check. Oh it’s just that silly cat ?‍⬛ sneaking around.
    Dogs also know when your feeling down, they want to be loved and cats.., they come when they want something.

    • I hear you, Dana! Cats can be affectionate, but litterboxes are a big drawback to me, too. Our dog is a sweetheart whom I adore, but sometimes that warning device part is a mixed blessing!

  8. I have gone through periods of having either cats or dogs, sometime both. Right now I have 2 younger dogs and 1 older cat. Arte is affectionate in his own way, will approach me to be petted, but heaven forbid I try to pick him up. His favorite way of getting my attention is to reach up and stick his claws into my leg. He grew up with dogs and pays no attention to them.

    For the past year we have been battling a thyroid disorder, which is somewhat typical for an older cat (he’s going to be 14 in May). He’s doing well and has put back on all the weight he lost.

    Rufus (a terrier, basset, blue heeler cross) will be five at the end of April. He’s a hoot, a large dog with really short legs. Gracie (a terrier, poodle, English setter cross) will be four at the beginning of April. She’s the baby, and an anxious bunch of nerves that reacts to everything.

    • We have an anxious rescue, so I know how hard that is, trying to help them face a world they basically don’t feel they can trust. I’m so sorry about Arte’s health issues, but it sounds like he couldn’t have a better human to care for him!

  9. I like dogs but LOVE Cats! I have two little ones (Maizey and Moggy) and my large Maine Coon Cat Teddy Bean. Teddy goes to work with me every day and is a great companion. Cats are smart, loving and have their own personalities.

  10. Both make great pets and both have pros and cons to ownership. Right now in the middle part of the US, especially Texas, a lot of dog owners aren’t very happy about letting cold in and out of the house to let their dogs out to take care of business. 😉 Right now we only have 2 cats. We had to say goodbye to our 16 year old golden retriever last year. Even the cats missed him.

    • Amen to that, Glenda! I’m a little glad for the chance to get out of the house to take my dog out…but not that much! And he’s completely befuddled by all this ice, especially. He will be as thrilled as the rest of us for this horrific storm to GO AWAY!!!

      I’m so sorry about your golden. They’re the greatest dogs!


  11. We have one of each. They constantly compete. And yes, they have different personalities. My dog goes out and wonders at the ice which we usually don’t have in south Texas…the cat doesn’t have to worry with that!

  12. I love both cats and dogs but we got a little pug puppy few months ago and he is my first ever dog and he is such a darling that I cannot imagine my life without him now. I just love his kisses and cuddles.

  13. I love both, but I have two black panthers (aka cats), who rule my house and my heart.

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