I’ve been working on utilizing donations to the seniors handcrafts shop where I volunteer, in order to piecing Christmas throws and wall hangings for our group to quilt and then for the shop to sell. I didn’t get enough advance notice to be able to be part of the shop’s annual Christmas in July promotion, but they’ll definitely be ready in time for Christmas season sales.

One ingenious idea our grande dame had was to take both throws (which are different is size) and sew strips to the shorter one, then between the two of them, so that they can be pinned into our floor frame and quilted at the same time. Once quilted, the strips will be removed (I sewed them with a longer stitch though not a basting stitch) and each throw will be bound separately. Brilliant, yes?

Here are photos of the two individual throw tops, then one of them pieced together. (PS As someone who absolutely adores Christmas and decorating, I am amazed that at the moment, I am thoroughly sick of Christmas fabrics! I’ll get over it, though.:))

Christmas in July by Jean Brashear        Christmas in July by Jean Brashear       IChristmas in July by Jean Brashear

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