Christmas Quilt: Final Update! by Jean BrashearAT LAST!!!! The Christmas quilt is all done!! It only took me about 50 eons, but that’s on me because I had to lap quilt it and took my sweet time getting the work done. (And, yes, jumped into side projects all too often!) I probably should have quilted in the red sashing and might still, down the road, but I was ready to be done, so…here it is.Christmas Quilt: Final Update! by Jean Brashear

It’s special to me, though, because the center block is a Feathered Star made by one of my cherished quilting mentors who generously gave me many of her scraps and unfinished projects when she had to quit for health reasons. I still talk to her often, and she’s been cheering me on as I ambled my way to the finish line on this one.

It’s also special because the yo-yos came from my other quilting mentor, whom I miss dearly now that she has set up a quilting bee in heaven. I’m a fabric packrat (aren’t we all?!?) and especially adore vintage fabrics and pieces from those I cherish.

I decided to go ahead and hang it for awhile, even though it’s not Christmas, because it just makes me smile to see it.

  1. It is beautiful and so unique. The only thing that really matters is that you are happy with it!
    Love your attitude ♥️

  2. It’s a beautiful Christmas Quilt. Sounds like a title to a book.

  3. It’s BEAUTIFUL! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Awesome and gorgeous!

  5. Very beautiful and such wonderful memories!

    • They are! Thank you for appreciating that. I have another I made from various embroidered tea towels and dresser scarves that came from both my grandmothers, and I love curling up with it on a cold day and reading a good book.

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