1. I love the heart! It’s a beautiful addition to the quilt. I look forward to seeing the end result.

    • Thank you, Donise! It’s been so hot that sitting with a quilt top over my lap while I embroider is not the most fun thing! I’m proceeding, but SLOOOOOWLY. But I’ll get there!

  2. The block is absolutely beautiful, Jean. I hope you will show us your completed quilt when you are finished. I embroidered a red work Christmas quilt a few years ago and it is a favorite of mine. I am now 84 and my hands are too arthritic to do anymore embroidered quilts but embroidery was always my hobby. When I was 9 years a 90 year old neighbor lady taught me how to embroider and I have loved it ever since that time. I used to love every craft out there and would try them all but 25 years ago I started quilting and I dumped every hobby and have been obsessed with quilting ever since. My husband has been very patient with me as we have traveled in all 50 states and I can’t tell you how many times he has drug the 5th wheel and truck down streets so I can visit a certain quilt store. Sorry to talk so much but I absolutely love your books and your newsletters. Take care. Norma (Oregon)

    • You are not at all talking too much, Norma—boy, do I relate! Love pretty much every form of needle and fiber in creation. Would love to see a picture of your redwork quilt if you have it. As far as sharing when I’m done, assuming I live that long (I’m dragging my heels because it’s so dang hot!) I will absolutely show you. At least the top, if not the finished quilt, which doing on my lap will take an eon or two!

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