Christmas Quilt: Part Two by Jean BrashearI inherited these red and white blocks from one of my quilting mentors, but there aren’t enough to make any sort of quilt. That’s when I got the notion to make the Dresden plates, and I like the counterpoint of the two.

But there’s another wrinkle in the works, a large and not square Feathered Star block in red and white, but it’s not fitting in well with these others. YET! (I don’t give up easily.;))

So…I’ll keep thinking and fiddling!

  1. I think it is screaming to be the center block.
    My sister quilts. I do 21st century quilting…I scrapbook.

    • I agree with you, Mary–the question is how! But even though I scratched my head for quite a while, I’ve just changed out some of the outside pieces so it fits in better (it’s based on creams and reds and all the other blocks are red and bright white or multi and bright white.) But I hear it screaming to be center, too! Thank you!

    • PS That’s really clever: scrapbooking as quilting! But you’re absolutely right to characterize it that way!

  2. I agree with Mary. Make the biggest block the center block and put a border around it to square it up

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