Christmas Quilt: Update by Jean BrashearSo no, I’m not finished quilting it yet, but not likely to happen before Christmas, so I decided to get some enjoyment out of it anyway by taking down one of the quilts on my wall and putting this one up, ragged edges and all.I still have to quilt the outside circuit of blocks plus the sashing, then bind it, but that will be for next year! As I look at it hanging up, though, I realize my idea to have the edges of it work whichever way it’s lying is a faulty notion—hanging on the wall, clearly 3 of the embroidered blocks are upside down!So I may very well decide to take them out and reverse them, since at the moment, the upside down trees and heart wreath are bugging me. I haven’t quilted those rows yet, though, so it will be less horrible to fix. Clearly not following patterns but winging it has consequences! (I run into them every time I write a book, but outlining would bore me and planning ahead renders me unable to write. Sigh. My wonky brain.)

UPDATE: I did indeed take out the blocks and reverse them. Then, after days and days of staring at it on the wall and trying out various options to border the embroidered blocks, I remembered some little yoyos I’ve had stashed away for several years, so I tried them this morning (just pinned on) and by Jove, I think this is it! Woot!

IMG 1894 IMG 1895 IMG 1896

  1. Merry Christmas.the quilt is so beautiful and you are so talented.

  2. I Love the yo-yo idea!! It’s a beautiful quilt and is sure to be enjoyed for many years. I hope that you and your family had an enjoyable Christmas.

    • Thank you, Donise! I just got done blindstitching the yo-yos to the quilt top, so now….back to quilting! Hope the same for you and yours—we did!

  3. Love the yo yo’s. It really makes it pop.

    • I’m so glad you think so, Cindy! When it occurred to me to try them, I wouldn’t let myself look until I had all of them pinned on (and was thrilled that I had one too many stashed away—yay, my friend Joyce!) It was hanging on the wall for the holidays, and when I backed away and looked, I squealed and did a fist-pump YES!

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