1. Depends mostly cookies that are soft and chewy. Cupcakes for family get togethers.

  2. Cookies!!!!

  3. Cookies

  4. Cupcakes¡ the fancier the more fun they are

    • Oh, they really can be, can’t they, Rebeca? We have a lovely local shop that makes extraordinary ones—wish I had a picture. Almost too gorgeous to eat! (But I still do.;))

  5. Cookies!

  6. Cookies.

  7. I enjoy cookies. Quick and easy to make and take on the run.

    I’m picky about the icing on cupcakes. I dislike the sugary, sweet stuff. I usually take the icing off to enjoy my cake. ?

  8. Cookies! I am a cookie monster!!

  9. Cookies! But cupcakes are good.

  10. I love cookies and the one in your picture looks delicious to me.

  11. Cookies for me! 🙂

  12. Definitely cookies [called biscuits in Australia]. Despite their popularity I can’t really get into cupcakes.

    • Helen, I love reading books set in the UK, where they’re called that, too. I know lots of Brits went to Australia, but I didn’t know the term did, too. (Though it makes total sense!)

  13. Pecan Sandies Cookies

  14. Cupcakes. Definitely cupcakes. I love baking (even though I do not do it often enough) and cupcakes is my ‘speciality’ 😀

  15. Cupcakes!, Yummy

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