What do you prefer, Cupcakes or Cookies? by Jean BrashearWhat do you prefer, Cupcakes or Cookies? Leave your comment below!

  1. Depends mostly cookies that are soft and chewy. Cupcakes for family get togethers.

  2. Cookies!!!!

  3. Cookies

  4. Cupcakes¡ the fancier the more fun they are

    • Oh, they really can be, can’t they, Rebeca? We have a lovely local shop that makes extraordinary ones—wish I had a picture. Almost too gorgeous to eat! (But I still do.;))

  5. Cookies!

  6. Cookies.

  7. I enjoy cookies. Quick and easy to make and take on the run.

    I’m picky about the icing on cupcakes. I dislike the sugary, sweet stuff. I usually take the icing off to enjoy my cake. ?

  8. Cookies! I am a cookie monster!!

  9. Cookies! But cupcakes are good.

  10. I love cookies and the one in your picture looks delicious to me.

  11. Cookies for me! 🙂

  12. Definitely cookies [called biscuits in Australia]. Despite their popularity I can’t really get into cupcakes.

    • Helen, I love reading books set in the UK, where they’re called that, too. I know lots of Brits went to Australia, but I didn’t know the term did, too. (Though it makes total sense!)

  13. Pecan Sandies Cookies

  14. Cupcakes. Definitely cupcakes. I love baking (even though I do not do it often enough) and cupcakes is my ‘speciality’ 😀

  15. Cupcakes!, Yummy

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