Current Generations of Sweetgrass Springs Founding Families

The Founding Families of Sweetgrass Springs

GALLAGHER (Josiah Gallagher, first generation)

William Gallagher

      -James (Sweetgrass Springs Gallaghers)
-Twins Jackson (Texas Rebel)
      and Penelope (Texas Blaze)
-Clarissa (Texas Wild)

-Sam (Morning Star Gallaghers)
-Mitch (Texas Lonely)
-Boone (Texas Secrets)

Ruby Gallagher
       -Georgia (deceased)
    -Scarlett (Texas Roots)


MCLAREN (Ronald McLaren, first generation)

Gordon McLaren
       -Ian (Texas Roots)


BUTLER (Benjamin Butler, first generation)

Raymond Butler (deceased)
      -David (deceased)
      -Beth (deceased)


PATTON (Tobias Patton, first generation)

Vernon Patton (deceased)
    -Theodore (Tank) (Texas Strong)
    -Veronica (Texas Rebel) married David Butler
   -Ben (Jackson Gallagher is actually Ben’s father, unknown to father or son)
   -Twins Abigail
         and Elizabeth