eBooks or Print Books? by Jean Brasear

What do you prefer to read, eBooks or Print Books? Leave your comment below!

  1. I prefer eBooks. I can have dozens of books with me at all time and I can adjust the font and text size to whatever is comfortable for me.

  2. I prefer print books. I have an extensive library on my Kindle and do read from it but I prefer print books.

  3. Print books..always ! I have an ereader, but really don’t feel comfortable using it to read.

    • I do use mine, but it’s not nearly as convenient when I want to go back and reread a part or check on something, etc.

  4. Good Morning from Texas! I love ebooks because I can read them anywhere I go and I can continue reading the series. And yes I reread them, especially the Gallagher series, I love it! Your books are like a mini vacation and just makes the day relaxing and fun. Keep up the good work! A die hard fan from Longview!

  5. I read you but prefer ebooks

  6. I prefer print books in paperback form. I do most of my reading in bed at night, so hardbacks or kindles are too heavy on my wrists after about 15 minutes.

  7. I still prefer print books, but always have something available on my Kindle because it’s so much easier to take that with me when I have an appointment.

    • So agree–and for traveling, so much lighter than the suitcase with more books than clothes I used to haul around,Susan!

  8. Print books by far. They are easier to handle and the battery doesn’t run out no matter how long I want to read!!!!!!

  9. I truly like print books, but since my daughter hauled 2 pickup truck loads of books out of one of my bedrooms (library?) in order to clear out some space, I guess I better stick to eBooks. I really like being able to go from one to another easily. That is a real boon. I guess I betgter say eBooks.

  10. I prefer paper. For some reason, I find them easier to hold and read versus the kindle.

  11. My old eyes much prefer eBooks to printed. Being able to adjust the size of the font is HUGE.

  12. I read eBooks. I wear tri-focals and the ability to enlarge the print on my computer or reader is the best. Also, having the screen backlit works too.

  13. Depends on author. Some I like book in my hand as they are part of a coolection. For most i read on e-reader

  14. When I’m at the gym I read books on my Kindle (on the stationary bike) but my nightstand has print books because I don’t want to use my Kindle after 10pm since the blue light is not conducive to sleep.
    So my answer is: both! Plus I listen to audiobooks in the car whenever I’m driving by myself.

    • I love audio for a long trip, but the portability and lesser weight of ebooks on a tablet sure are strong points. But sure get what you’re saying about blue light.

  15. I mostly read ebooks on my tablet what kind many kinds.

  16. Most books I read in print, but all the ARCs are usually in e-book. And of course, kindle choices.

  17. I do not do ebooks. I have always read printed books since a teenager and still do. I find something very comforting sitting on the couch surrounded by many pillows and taking a book in hand. Lights are low and I use my book light. House nice and quiet. You cannot beat that. I find pride in passing bye my bookshelf and seeing all my colorful books lined up waiting for me to pull off the shelf and read. I also like to write in the book as I am reading. Nice to fall back on if you are reading a series

  18. I read eBooks. But, sometimes I read Print Books. I try to own both if it is one of my favorite authors. Keep writing!!!

  19. Definitely print

  20. I read both. Mostly ebooks however.

  21. I read e-books because I do not live near a bookstore or a library and I love to read so an e reader is the best

  22. These days I mostly read on my tablet as I have no more room for books!! I still read print books from time to time.

    Over the years I have & do reread books. In fact am doing so now. ?

  23. Hi from Texas! I’m an eReader gal most definitely! I do not have the room to house or money to buy physical copies of books.? I read SO much! I’m grateful for the technology of these days. It allows me to own books that I’d have missed otherwise. I have read and listened to your books multiple times…and most certainly will do so again! ❤

  24. I love my paperback books. I do read digital books but I’m never far from a paperback book.

    • I love them, too—my favorite are trade paperbacks—but the mass market paperbacks are not as easy on the eyes these days. The thing I love about digital is that, thanks to my phone, I’m never far from one, even if I forgot to stick a book in my purse. But talk about hyperventilating? Have me out of range of any book—eeek!

  25. Ebooks out of the two, but I listen to a lot of audiobooks. I’m on the road a lot for work and pleasure.

    • I like them for on a long trip, too, Renee, but not for short trips because I don’t like interrupting the story!

  26. Ebooks

    • They’re certainly convenient, aren’t they, Cynthia? Sometimes I want to hold a book in my hands, but we’re so much less dependent on light conditions with ebooks.

  27. That and so much lighter to hold. When I read printed books my hands cramp up

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