1. I love cream filled donuts

  2. I love cinnamon buns. Can’t get enough of them. I never tried making them myself and I try not to eat many of them at once (my waistline seems to be expanding haha) but they are delish.

  3. I love anything custard. My mother’s grandmother raised her with British foods, my father’s mother came from Edinburgh when she was 16, so puddings, custards, and the like. Give me a mille-feille or Trifle anyday!

  4. I love chocolate eclairs

  5. I am especially fond of the Sticky Buns made at a local bakery. I’m never able to pick just one thing. Another bakery has the best muffins!!

    Great quote in the newsletter. I’ve seen people in places so busy recording on their phone they are not seeing what they came to see!!

  6. Cream Puff, regular and chocolate ones.

  7. caramel & chocolate doughnuts

  8. My favorite is lemon meringue pie

  9. A Cannoli and the cream has to be well made – no to sugary.

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