SquaresSomeone once gave me this charming fabric Christmas tree, and I couldn’t rest until I figured out how to replicate it. If you enjoy holiday crafts, this might be a gift idea you’d enjoy, so I’m sharing here.

What You’ll Need:

Styrofoam cone (size is your choice)

Straight pins (a bunch of them!)

Fabric scraps cut into 3”x3” pieces (number depends on the size of cone)

The tree pictured is 12” high with a 4” base. I used 138 squares of fabric, so you’ll need at least one pin per folded square, plus a few extra.

Fabric doesn’t have to be Christmas fabric, but it’s fun if you have it. And I’ve made one tree that was more monochromatic and another that had the colors swirling around the tree rather than intermingled. But I think the scattered colors are fun and festive, and this is what I do most.

Take each square and fold it in thirds, then fold that strip in half, like this:









Start at the bottom of the cone with the folded edge downward, secure with two pins at the top. Repeat with the next one, and overlap it to one corner of the preceding square. Take that corner pin and use it to secure both pieces.

First Pin

Repeat this all the way around the bottom of the cone.

First Pin2

On the next row up, start covering the fabric below about 1/3 and centered over the overlap, like this:

First Pin3

Repeat for all rows, and as you get higher on the cone, you’ll use fewer squares.

There are multiple ways I’ve covered the top. I’ve used bows, small circles covered with ribbons…in this case, I let the top row of fabric extend a tiny bit above the top of the cone, then pinned a gathered circle of fabric on top (a yo-yo, for your quilters who know them.)

I also use felt to cover the bottom of the cone sometimes, but it’s not necessary.

Final Tree

Voila! Charming Christmas tree! I’d like to give the one I made for an example to one of you lovely folks, so if you’ll please send your name and mailing address to me at promo@whenweshare.com,  one winner will be chosen.

  1. Great project for the family. Looks great and I have lots of quilt scraps

  2. So cute. My Mom and I used to do lots of crafts.

  3. Thank you for the instructions! My 82-year-old mom is living with us and I think she would enjoy doing this, too. I hope you and your family have a safe and happy Christmas season!

    • Oh fun! I hope you will all enjoy it! I’m so glad your mom is with you. I miss mine so much.

      Thank you for the good wishes–they’re sincerely returned for you and yours.


  4. So creative! ?

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