Fun & Easy Holiday DYI Crafts by Jean Brashear

Some really clever ideas here! I’ve saved up some wooden spools from vintage thread of my grandmother’s, but I can also see using spools of thread as they are, to save on buying spools.

The knitter in me thinks the yarn ball ornaments with knitting needles are fun, and I can see how much fun it would be for kids to create the thumbprint holiday cards!

The tree made of Christmas cards, now…every year I wish I had a use for the cards I receive. This year, I’ll definitely hang onto them and hope to remember this fun craft!

Ornament candle holders and wreaths and trees…a whole bunch of great ideas here! Kudos to the wonderful Stacy for finding this!

Click here to check them out!

  1. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing the crafts. Thank you for sharing.

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