GET YOUR KICKS ON ROUTE 66 by Jean BrashearOne of my favorite spots on the iconic Route 66 is the very charming Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, Texas, located at—wait for it!—the midpoint of Route 66!

It’s a fun place with yummy food and a gift shop with all manner of Route 66 paraphernalia. If you have a taste for good home-cooking and old-fashioned small town charm (Ruby Gallagher of Sweetgrass Springs would be very at home here), you can’t miss with burgers folks rave over and—my personal fave—homemade pies to die for. (Except who wouldGET YOUR KICKS ON ROUTE 66 by Jean Brashear want to die when you can hang around and inhale a second slice?)

Folks from around the world have stopped here to eat and to autograph the red pickup (hard to see the red for all the signatures) that sits out front. And across the road is the sign to denote the location of the midpoint.

Food and fun and charm—how can you miss? Check out the Midnight Cafe’s Facebook page here!

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