Handmade Purse by Jean Brashear

I’ve been looking around for a black purse but couldn’t find anything I really liked. Finally I decided I needed to make one myself. I’ve done it once before and few years ago; at that time, I’d decided I’d never find a purse with the right pockets just right for me. As usual, I didn’t use a pattern, so it took me awhile, but in the end, I had a purse I really liked.
Fast forward a few years, and I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember exactly how I’d put the first one together. So I took it out, measured parts, made notes and started auditioning fabrics for this one. (Best part besides having a purse that functions exactly right for me? I didn’t spend a penny—it’s all made from fabric scraps!)
A few backsteps, a little winding around…deciding how to attach the bottom was my final hurdle and took the longest, but…voila! I smile, just looking at the pink popping off the black and white.

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