1. Although I love them both, my choice would be books as I would own them and could read them over and over. Movies I would have to wait for them to come out to watch.

  2. I don’t really enjoy either because they are usually set in the Northern Hemisphere. As an Australian, I am used to hot, summery Christmases, so stories about snow, winter woolies, and log fires at Christmas just don’t do it for me. Now if the story was about a sweltering hot day, with the family sitting in a nicely cooled room, having cold drinks while they open their gifts, I could really relate to that. It’s a help that our Christmas Day church service is usually 9a.m., before it gets too hot. Some Aussies go to the beach for Christmas lunch. It’s called “how the other half live!”

    • Helen, I can see your point! I was in the Caymans one year at Christmas and though it’s still Northern Hemisphere, the tropical setting was more like yours and I couldn’t feel like it was Christmas at all, being on the beach in my swimsuit. And that’s coming from someone who NEVER has snow at Christmas, since in Texas, it’s just as likely to be 75 or 80F! It’s all in what we’re used to, isn’t it?

  3. There are a lot of great holiday movies but I prefer books.

  4. Definitely books!

  5. Holiday books. I can use my imagination as to how it would look

  6. Both

  7. Books are always better! You can let your imagination run wild! But I love Hallmark Christmas movies too.

  8. Holiday BOOKS!

  9. Books

  10. Both are great but I would have to say books. Books are just better, period.

    • I so agree, Andee! Does it make you as crazy as it does me when a bunch of changes are made for a movie?

      • That makes me so upset when that happens especially when they get things out of order or cut out what I think was really important for something that I don’t feel was as important.

        • Oh man, no kidding! I can’t watch the Virgin River series—from the get-go, only the names are the same! If I’d never read the books I might be fine with the TV series, but I just grind my teeth over how far away they wandered!

  11. I enjoy books more than movies. I can read them all year long and over and over again.

  12. Books…only holiday movies I like are A Christmas Carol, The Santa Clause, Die Hard…

  13. I like both!

  14. I’m in the both category. It wouldn’t be Christmas without White Christmas and Bing. And i love to read holiday books too.

    • Shelley, one memorable year my family was together driving around to look at Christmas lights, and we listened to Bing on repeat until we all swore we’d never listen to him again! (But we still do.)

  15. Books

  16. I love them both. I love that I can pick up a Christmas book in the summer and reminisce on the joy of the holidays.

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