1. At least one book a day many days more.

  2. I usually read 1 books ever couple of days. When not reading I’m either knitting crocheting or baking. I do read a little every day.

  3. 200

  4. 119 according to Goodreads. I usually read a couple of books at a time.

  5. So far this year I’ve read 54 books

  6. About 150.

  7. Unfortunately not as many as I would like to. I started a new job four months ago – really good progression in my career, job I really wanted, but it leaves me with not enough time for myself or reading 🙁 I still read as much as I can as I cannot live without books.

    • That’s really hard, Janka–but congrats on the new job! Yay you!

    • Try audiobooks on your commute or during exercise. A library card and Overdrive will do it. Chirp is a great app with good sales. I also get some with the Amazon discount when I own the ebook.

  8. I read approximately 3+ books per week, totaling 156 books. Was an English major in college and have always loved to read!

  9. 213 on my Kindle and 2 paperbacks

  10. As it’s day 258 of the year, I’ve read about 258 books. Reading has always been my refuge and I’ve never needed it more than now, as we all do.

    • Amen, amen, amen, Gail! Sometimes I feel like a coward that I seek that refuge, but it helps me maintain. The other thing that made a world of difference is getting off all social media. Facebook and Twitter should be outlawed for all the harm they do.

  11. According to my Goodreads challenge, I am at 240 but have a few more to add.

  12. 51 books so far this year

  13. Thank you 🙂

  14. I am currently reading book number 160.

  15. So far 91. I am currently reading #92, mostly e books.

  16. Around a book a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on how much time I have to spare from work and family obligations. I rarely go a day without reading for a least a few minutes.

  17. I don’t know how anyone gets any work done by reading 1 book a day. LOL Good for them. I can manage only 1 1/2 books a week. So about 58 books so far this year and counting.

  18. 184, but I should easily finish #185 while waiting for my dad at his dentist appointment this afternoon. (I always have my book in my knitting tote for waiting rooms and long lines!) This number does not count the knitting, quilting and other craft books I read for patterns and design ideas nor the books that I read to my 4 grandkids, aged 5 and under, which can easily be 25-30 in a weekend (often only 4-5 current favorite books read over and over!).

  19. 146 Books and my goal is 160. I think I am going to do it!

  20. On average I read a book every couple of days. So at least 150 so far.

  21. 75 so far

  22. Read AND Reviewed – 281. Total read – over 300. A combination of ebooks and audio books.

  23. I’m a fast reader, and read an average of 6-8 books a week, so at the end of the year, I’m over 340 books usually. Mysteries, romance, crime novels, non-fiction books on different topics… 🙂

  24. I’ve read 49 so far this year which includes Audiobooks, Kindle & paper/hard back books. And I have a full time job!

  25. Because I am disabled I have an advantage!! 346 so far and some were box sets!

  26. So far this year I have read about 287. Last year I read 394, so I still have a ways to go to beat that! Some of these are ebooks and others are audio. Sometimes I both read and listen to a book.

  27. Over 241 so far.

  28. 154

  29. So behind this year only at 133 finished books for year so far my goal was 200 like I’ve gotten or tried to get in past years. But this past summer I had two cataract surgeries so I’m blaming that. I know my reading is still not up to it was before. The surgeries only did for stigmatism and distance they say only would need cheaters or reading. Still getting used to wearing glasses for any type of reading where before it was only sometimes depending on print or font. Part of me wants to switch my goal (on goodreads etc) down to 175 part hates changing it.

    • I’m so sorry, Donna! I hear you on the eye issues–mine have never been right again after my surgeries and wish I hadn’t done them. But be kind to yourself on reaching your goal!

  30. I know what you mean. When I had my Lasik surgery many years ago, I got it done as monovision so I could still read. I had my cataract surgery done the same way because I always hated glasses. That means one eye, the dominant one, is corrected for distance and the other for reading. My husband actually wears a contact to make one eye worse so he can read without glasses (I hate people with perfect vision, lol).

    I love audio books and listen to them when I walk instead of music. I use my library card and Overdrive to get books, as well as authors who give away free Audible codes (thanks, Jean!). Hope you still make your goal.

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