How to Mend Your Clothes by Jean Brashear

These may all be too elementary for you, but even so, you may have others in your life who’ve never been exposed to basic sewing repairs. I was blessed to have a grandmother who sewed like a dream and made a lot of my clothes until I left home, but even with her teaching me young how to sew and mend, I still never appreciated or used the knowledge much myself until I was a young mother putting a husband through school—then, boy, was I ever grateful for every last bit of what she’d taught me!

PS I inherited her old Singer and used it for years until I just couldn’t get it repaired anymore. I also have some of her sewing tools, including this darning egg! So much prettier than a tennis ball, yes?

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  1. Thank you! This was a great post on sewing. Like you, I learned to sew at a very early age. I am 76 years old and it certainly has come in handy throughout life…but the basic reminder is great!

    • One thing I find very encouraging, Linda, is that more often lately I’m running into articles aimed at younger folks and discussing the need to not be throwing away clothing but rather to make it last, all this as part of the environmental movement.

      It’s appalling to see pictures of mounds of clothing in the dump that was once donated but never used. So good for them; we don’t have to feed the fashion industry by constantly observing the latest trends. My grandmother taught me to dress more classically, not trendy. And I’m sure you, too, run into looking at something new and despairing at how poorly made it is. We know how to do it better, and I’m glad that we do!

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