Hummingbird Quilt by Jean BrashearThis hummingbird quilt block is my contribution to the local quilt show’s challenge block quilt. We are given a theme (Tropical Gardens this time) and fabric scraps that we must use. The blocks submitted will be made into a quilt that will be raffled off to benefit the seniors’ handcrafts shop where I quilted for several years.

  1. Beautiful and inventive!

    • Linda, thank you! Very exacting, trying to cut it, and I stitched it by hand before appliquéing, but I love doing that intricate stuff. No idea why, since my younger self NEVER would have had the patience!

  2. Your quilt is awesome! I quilt too but I always need a pattern! I loved it.

  3. Very unique.

  4. Very nice. Creative. A great contribution. Words from a fellow quilter

  5. I love this design! I would love to see a picture of the whole quilt when it is finished.

    • Thank you! Since mine will be only one block of a whole where others contribute, not sure when the final quilt will be available, but I will sure try to get you a picture!

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