Knitted Socks by Jean Brashear I’ve knitted off and on for years, but I have a fatal flaw: just as with my writing and quilting, I don’t like following patterns or instructions. My brain just doesn’t work that way, and I enjoy the adventure (missteps and all) of winging it. It’s not efficient and not all that smart, but…c’est la vie!

I also have Fear of Socks, a dread disorder brought on by trying them once years ago on double point needles about the circumference of toothpicks and teeny yarn. I got some of it done, but DPNs just freak me out with how easily stitches can slide off. So I gave up.

But I wasn’t proud of myself and was determined to give it another shot so as not to be that limited. I had learned Magic Loop in the interim, so I used circular needles (still tiny) and fingering yarn—still tiny! I did some practice work with waste yarn first, though, and made myself follow the directions (yes, it about killed me but I survived LOL) That practice sock was the wrong size yarn on the wrong needles, but I got the drift of a heel flap and gusset, etc. So I bought real yarn, a lovely fingering superwash wool. It was scary going at first, and I wound up ripping out about half a sock (go, me, with the patience to start over!) but in the end, I had two socks that feel good on my feet—yay!

It’s pretty cool to be able to fit them to my foot, and the other thing I like is that I can read while I do it! (I read a LOT) Doing both works out better sometimes than others, but…oh, well! More patience required!

So I decided to do another pair and just finished the first, this time in DK weight. I think I like it better. Socks are a great, small project to be able to cart around (never mind that this has distracted me from finishing the Christmas quilt but not altogether, and anyway, it’s not Christmas yet!) And I SURVIVED FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS! Who knew?!?!

Knitted Socks by Jean Brashear

  1. Your socks are beautiful and you can now add this to your bucket list of things done! I do not knit but it looks really fun! By the way, Christmas will take of itself!

    • It will, Linda, but to make sure I finish (because this thing has dragged on TOOOO long!) I won’t let myself put away the quilt until it’s done! I’m getting closer every day (and would be done if I’d just sit down and work on it until it is, but…so much else that’s interesting to do!)
      Thank you for your kind words about the socks! I won’t say I haven’t torn out my hair a bit, but I do love the pink ones and am eager to wear the green ones. All I can say is bless the knitters who post videos!!

  2. I love the thread selections and colors. Isn’t it nice when something feels good on your feet? Congratulations for following through and a second pair👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

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