Labors of Love by Jean BrashearSome photos of the binding stage of this Christmas throw, made from fabrics donated to the shop. I pieced it, the group quilted it, and I’ve finished it off. I adore these little clips that work so much better than pinning on the binding! (And when I needed a tree pattern—voila! Cookie cutter works just dandy!)

Labors of Love by Jean BrashearThe second throw I pieced, the group quilted, and now I’m adding some quilted Bethlehem stars in gold thread to give it a little zing. Binding is cut, seamed and pressed, all ready for when I’m done. All labor and materials were donated to the shop, and both of these will be sold for the shop’s benefit.

(But I will admit that though I’m a huge fan of Christmas in general, I’m a wee bit sick of seeing Christmas fabrics right now…but I have no doubt I’ll recover and be gung-ho for the holidays soon!)

Isn’t it crazy how we have to be working in the hot summer on goodies for the winter?

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