1. Small its more intimate.

    • Jenn, mine was very small, and I loved it, but I’ve wondered how a big production one would be. Probably we all worry about how it works out, huge or tiny!

  2. Definitely a small wedding,

  3. Small definitely! My husband and I had a large one with 400 people whom I don’t even remember half of them, and felt stressed. Our daughter married one year ago, a pandemic wedding in a beautiful garden, with 30 people. It was beautiful!

    • I have often wondered about that, Alida. As nervous as I was about a small ceremony, a big one seems even more so!

  4. Small wedding. You don’t need a big venue and can make the food yourself if you really wanted to avoid the cost of catering. I think it would be less stressful to plan a small wedding because you don’t have to worry about a big venue.

    One of my sister’s got married (her second) at the lake in my parents’ yard and then we had the reception in the big garage at the top of the hill. We made all the food also, so the whole wedding was inexpensive. I had a couple of nieces also do this.

  5. I wanted to elope – simple, non-conventional, no expectations or delusions. Hubby (on his 2d) insisted on a wedding, which tho I sent out 15 invites ended up more than double my expectations. (Thank god we opened a new venue, so they just went with the flow!) Still wish we’d eloped, but at least there was no overwhelming Big Italian fiasco!

    • funny, Jeanette! I think the thing is that weddings get folks so overwrought (including me) but years later, how we got married loses importance compared to how one stays married!

  6. Small…intimacy makes it a vow, not a show

  7. Definitely small

  8. Small, most definitely. Ours was small, more intimate.

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