Last Embroidered Block—Yay!!! by Jean Brashear

At last! I finally finished the last embroidered block—took me long enough, huh? I started out to mimic the one on the other side, but I didn’t have enough of the dark green, so I improvised (my Scots grandmother would be so proud!) I kinda like how it turned out—what do you think?

  1. Beautiful; you are so talented. Give yourself a pat on the back! We all should be half as talented.

  2. Looks beautiful – your usual perfect stitch. Your grandmothers are smiling❤️

    • That’s the highest compliment I can ever image—thank you!

  3. My fingers have never so nimble as to embroider…I e4nvy you your talent and skill…lovely

    • You’re very sweet to say so, Kathleen! I find handwork soothing, even when complicated, and it’s helped me have patience in many situations where I’d be antsy if I didn’t have something in my hands.

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