Lending a Helping Hand: Update! by Jean Brashear
Well, here’s what I was able to make in the time allotted before the yarn shop shipped to the orphanage in Ukraine. I made them thicker than I would have for use around here, hoping that would help. A friend gave me some of her leftover yarns, so I used two and three strands of yarns to make a thicker blend. (But sure had to pay attention so as not to drop stitches!)
One of my readers got her sister involved and sent me this pic of what they were mailing to add to the Ukraine box.
Lending a Helping Hand: Update! by Jean Brashear
  1. If she does aging, please let us know. I sent a hat as it’s all I had time to do. However, I’d love to do more.

    • You are so kind, Stephanie! I didn’t know or I’d have mentioned you too—thank you! And I’ll absolutely let you know.

  2. A note to all: I just heard from the yarn shop owner, and they shipped 4 huge boxes full of knit goods yesterday–yay! A lot of caring folks in this world.

  3. So happy we could help!

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