My Favorite Couples By Jean Brashear


So I’m sitting here uploading book files to retailers (yawwwwn!) and yet…each time I see one of my book covers, I start remembering the couple in each and my yawns turn to sighs as I think about how much I love these couples and what they had to go through and learn and grow into so that two very separate people could make a life together.

All of them are special to me, but some tug especially hard at my heart. Scarlett and Ian (Texas Roots/Texas Dreams)…Jackson and Veronica (Texas Rebel/Texas Christmas Bride)…Quinn and Lorie (Texas Refuge)…Lucas and Tansy (Mercy)…Mitch and Perrie (Texas Lonely)…Rafe and Diana (Texas Healer.)

They’re not the only ones who touch me deeply, the power of their longing to be together and the enormous odds against them…makes my heart ache and makes me hope so hard for them to overcome.

Do you have a favorite couple? Would you tell me why?

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