Pieces of the Past: Part One by Jean BrashearI have a fascination with the little details of history, bits of wisdom, glimpses of how life used to be at this or that point in time. Recently I was going through keepsakes from my grandmother and found this recipe book from 1928 that includes cooking and household tips, as well as food recipes.

Inside was this tip, along with an advertisement—note the 3-digit phone number! This was from the days when most folks were on party lines—anyone remember or know about those? You didn’t have a private line to your home, and each house had a distinctive ring (shades of ringtones!) but that didn’t stop the snoopy neighbor from picking up a phone to see if someone else was talking…and listening in.;)

Pieces of the Past: Part One by Jean Brashear

It’s possible the same tip would work in the microwave, perhaps? One thing I realize, reading something like this, is that we take for granted SO many things women didn’t have at the time of this book, nearly 100 years ago.

  1. I DO remember Grandma’s party line at the farm. There were always noisy neighbors listening in. As I became an adult we also had problems with cordless landline phones. At times if the lines crossed someone could listen in on what we thought were private conversations.

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