Question of the Month - April 2024What is your favorite movie that was based on a book? Leave your comment below!


  1. The Help

  2. The Help was a great one! Gone With The Wind…I am old school and went to see the movie when it was reintroduced in the sixties. I was 13 and it swept me away! But don’t leave out all of the Bronte sisters or Jane Austen films! Good memories!

    • It used to be a tradition for us to go see GWTW every time it came out, which was years between times and only in theaters. Now you’re making me want to see it again!

  3. I’m with Linda — Gone With the Wind is the king (queen?) of books turned into great movies. I’ve actually stopped watching/re-reading GWTW because I’ve done it so often. But there are many others, including several of the multiple film adaptations of Little Women. I wonder how many other books have been filmed as many times as LW?

    • Pride and Prejudice, maybe? Do you have a favorite Little Women? As for P&P, I know Colin Firth is the gold standard, but I really liked the Matthew McFadyen version, and I didn’t think I would.

      • Speaking of LW, I haven’t seen the Timothee Chalamet version, have you? On the book/movie topic, it drives me a little crazy that Dune has gone so far from the book, but I have to admit that Timothee as Paul blew me away with how powerful his presence is. He’s so slight and pretty, but he really carried it off. (And no question this Dune is SOOO much better than the Kyle Maclachlan one!! So cheesy!)

  4. A Patch of Blue ro this day is still my favorite. Many books and movies decades later and that will always be mine.

    • I’d never heard of that film, Sharon, but I just watched the trailer. It’s hard to go wrong with Sidney Poitier, and I can only imagine how well Shelly Winters portrayed the abusive mom. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Patch of Blue was a great film…and you are so right about the abusive mom. Little Women with Timothee Chalamet is great! It is hard to beat Katherine Hepburn or even Winona Ryder as Jo though. All great…We need more like that!

  6. Gone With the Wind is the first book that popped into my mind but The Help was excellent. I loved Little Women movie, the one with June Allyson, the book was so good. Now these will pop into my mind off & on all day. What a good question.

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