Question of the Month - May 2024 by Jean BrashearWould you rather read one book at a time or multiple books? Leave your comment below!


  1. One book at a time, otherwise I start to mix things up between books.

  2. I read one book at a time.

    • Me, too, Penny! I get too deeply into the story to do anything else. Though I can read fiction and nonfiction at the same time. But mostly I plow through each book before going to the next.

  3. I would prefer to read one, but I’m usually reading three — one on my Kindle, one in my car (audiobook) and a hard or paperback book by my bedside (no Kindle after 10pm).

  4. A fiction and a nonfiction for me.

  5. Multiples, but no more than 3 at once. I prefer to read mysteries or scarier books during the day, and peaceful, loving & caring books at night. Otherwise I have nightmares.

  6. One book a a time.

  7. One Book at a time!

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