Rainbow Shawl by Jean BrashearI’m not good at sitting around—UNLESS I have a good book to read! I’d generally rather read than watch TV, but when I sit with my honey and watch a ballgame, for instance, I always have to have handwork.

I was in the mood to knit again, and I’d thought I would do a vest sweater for myself in a silvery gray, perhaps. Ask me how I wound up doing this rainbow shawl! I still think I’d like something in gray, but my magpie eye is just naturally drawn to color, so…maybe next winter, poor neglected silver!

I raced to finish this before the recent big freeze we had, but when it started warming up, I decided to add to it to make it longer. It’s lovely and warm and long enough now!

  1. Gorgeous! My daughter would love this! She loves lots of color.

  2. I love it I have a lot of yarn in my stash, I’ll behave to make one.

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