Rocky Mountain Baby Quilt: Part Three by Jean BrashearRocky Mountain Baby Quilt: Part Three by Jean Brashear

Okay…ta da!! Got it finished just in time (a week and a half early, so yay me!) The first photo is a border hoop—ever seen one? It’s awesome for being able to quilt all the way to the edge when you’re lap quilting. It was given to me by one of my two quilting mentors, and I treasure it so.
Then there’s the final picture—such fun!


  1. Really captures the beauty of the mountains and beyond. I have a friend that quilts and am amazed by what she does.You should enter your quilts with guilds. Anyone is very special to receive your quilts.

    • Marsha, I appreciate you saying that so much! As always, it took me awhile to figure out how to bring the idea to life, but that’s the fun to me, the design with fabrics and needles. I don’t love the actual quilting by hand, but it’s part of the process of bringing the image to life. The grandmother and mom seem happy with it, so I am too!

  2. That is beautiful Jean! And one very lucky baby!

  3. WONDERFUL!!Margaret

  4. best ever

  5. Stunning quilt, Jean. So colorful and that is what kids like, lots of color. Love it

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