Do you have a picture of Ruby’s Cafe in your mind? I’ve never seen one that looks exactly the way it does in my head, but recently I was in the charming Willow Creek Cafe & Club in Mason, Texas (yummy homemade bread for the sandwiches–yay!) and realized that the age of the building was right and that I could easily visualize the whole gang here: Ruby in charge, Ian holding Georgia with his arm around Scarlett, Mackey flirting with Rissa, Penny in stilettos and an apron, saucy Jeanette and shy Henry, Harley and Big D and the coffee regulars…all the families and children hanging out here in the heart of Sweetgrass Springs. I’d love to know what Ruby’s place looks like to you as you spend time in the crazy little town where hope never fades and love never dies!


  1. That looks amazing. I wish I could visit 🙂 I can see exactly what you described, all the characters with their families. Best place to spend time with your family and friends.

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