Santa Collection by Jean BrashearI have a Santa collection that’s such fun to bring out each year. I don’t actually NEED any more of them, but when I find one that’s unusual, well…you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Here’s Santa and Mrs. Claus Harley riding a Harley—fun!

  1. So cuuuuuuuuuute! It would make the perfect Christmas gift for me….Just sayin’. Denise for all intents and purposes —aka Wallentinson

  2. My neighbor has a HUGE Santa collection. He has so much that he starts decorating in October. During the year, he visits garage sales, antique stores, etc. looking for more. He starts growing a beard (white, of course) so he can be Santa for his extended family AND he has a Santa painting he found somewhere that looks like him.

  3. Love that you have a Santa collection. My collection is PENGUINS. I have so many that people think it’s funny. Every time I see one I don’t have, they come home me.

  4. Jean, This Santa and Mrs. Clause on the motorcycle side car is so cute. However did I miss a link showing more of your Santa collection? Carol Gangemi Stacy, former RT publisher collects all types of vintage Christmas and other holiday decor which she always posts on her FB page and I so enjoy seeing.
    Happy New Year!

    • Pat! How great to hear from you! I don’t have a link to more, and now folks probably don’t care, but I’ll remember that for next year. I didn’t know that about Carol! I hope she’s doing well. Thank you for getting in touch—miss getting to see you! Happy New Year!

  5. Jean, Carol and her long time partner, Paul own two homes, a brownstone in Brooklyn and a cabin in the Poccanos both decorated with vintage Stickley/arts and crafts furniture and period pottery. I believe they buy and sell antique toys and collectibles as well as collect them. Kathryn Falk, RT’s former owner and her husband, Kenneth also are huge collectors. Their converted carriage house in Brooklyn is like an antique penny arcade museum with all vintage coin machines (fortune teller etc.) And some original decor from old Coney Island in NYC on display. Kenneth published a book about vintage coin machines years ago sine he’s an expert on them. Kathryn’s compound/home in rural Houston houses her Chinese collectibles (antique concubine shoes, robes etc.) I’ve visited both of Kathern’s homes and even stayed with them in Brookyln years ago. I collect dolls and books especially children’s literature and at Christmas display Byers Carolers dolls on my mantle.
    Miss seeing my author friends like you but was dealing with two elderly parents with health issues and not attending any author conferences even prepandemic the last few years. Sadly I lost both of them in 2020 and 2021 but not to Covid thank God!
    Hope this finds you and your family well.
    Fondly, Pat

  6. Thanks Jean!

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