Seduce Me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas by Jean BrashearSometimes nothing suits so well as re-reading a beloved story. Lisa Kleypas has written so many good books in such wonderful series; I can recommend every one of them heartily. But this one is a special favorite, and as I luxuriate in a re-read, I realize others who may not have had this rich pleasure should be made aware of the bounty in store. This book strikes deep into a romantic’s heart—there’s nothing quite so thrilling as a powerful man who wants you to the depths of his soul but tries desperately to leave you alone because he wants what’s truly best for you (he thinks) and will sacrifice all he needs for love of you? Merripen is the ultimate tortured, haunted hero whose love for Win is so great he tortures himself to do what he feels is right for her. But the Win he adores and will give his life to protect is not the frail creature he believes, and watching her fight for him—and fight him to do it—is a deliciously agonizing treat!

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