SOMEONE TO CARE by Mary Balogh by Jean Brashear

SOMEONE TO CARE by Mary Balogh

Every time I read a Mary Balogh book, I think it’s my favorite…until the next one. She is a queen among writers, and she is permanently on my keeper/know-I’ll-be-rereading-this-one shelf. It’s remarkable how she takes what should by now be a really overdone era with conventions that are set in concrete…and she makes each story original, compelling and sigh-worthy. Viola’s story is one of those. I was heartbroken when the remarkable Survivor series ended, sure I wouldn’t warm to the Westcotts… But as with each and every series of hers, the stories are unique and touching, a pleasure to savor and a new set of must-reads. I’m already mourning the end of this series–and sending all manner of positive thoughts for the best-of-the-best Ms. Balogh’s continuing good health. She’s a true Incomparable, and I’m a grateful reader, blessing the day I discovered her wonderful books!

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