T-shirt Quilt by Jean BrashearThis is not my project, but one of my quilting sisters made this for her husband out of his various Harley t-shirts. One of the more unusual ones I’ve seen, but with the flaming fabric border, a bunch of fun! Have you ever made a t-shirt quilt or had one made?

  1. I would love to have a t-shirt quilt made. My brother had a quilt made out of some of the more interesting neckties he had collected. It turned out really neat.

    • Sounds wonderful! One of my back pocket projects, Donise, is a crazy quilt made of my husband’s ties I’ve saved. Tie fabric is so pretty, and as you know, I love elaborate embroidery. To put those together with some fancy fabrics like velvets and satins…no idea what I’d do with it, but would be fun!

  2. Sounds like a lovely idea.

  3. We had a quitt made from our Grandson’s favorite t-shirts. It brings back many favorite memories of him. The Quilters at church made it for us, Precious and priceless!

  4. I’ve had t-shirt quilts made for each of my three sons.

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