THE ALL YOU CAN DREAM BUFFET by Barbara O’Nealby Jean Brashear


Reading Barbara O’Neal/Barbara Samuel is one of my life’s great joys, and it’s my hope she’ll never stop writing. Her prose is lush and gorgeous and sensual in the finest sense of that word: a feast for the eyes and the ears and the mind. I want to taste every fabulous dish she describes, I want her characters for my friends, I want to walk through the landscapes and the interiors she depicts so vividly. Most of all, I want her next book to linger over, to inhale and taste and relish every word. In the meantime, I know I’ll be re-reading her masterful work again down the road. She’s that good.

Other books of hers I adore (which is actually every one, but I’ll try to be brief;)) are The Lost Recipe for Happiness, A Piece of Heaven (as Barbara Samuel), No Place Like Home (also Samuel), The Garden of Happy Endings (O’Neal) and How to Bake a Perfect Life (O’Neal.) If you’ve never read her, do yourself the enormous favor of giving her work a try. You won’t be sorry

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