The Gallaghers Family Tree - Both Branches

The Two Gallagher Branches (Morning Star and Sweetgrass Springs)

Scarlett2 (Texas Roots)
-James2 (married) Mary
Twins Jackson2 (Texas Rebel)
and Penelope2 (Texas Blaze)
Clarissa2 (Texas Wild)

-Sam1 (married) Jenny Wallace1
Mitch1 (Texas Lonely)
Boone1 (Texas Secrets)

Connected Relationships:

Teenage lovers Jenny Wallace1 and Dalton Wheeler aka Edward Collins2
Lacy DeMille1 (Texas Bad Boy) 

Dalton Wheeler aka Edward Collins1 married Lilah1
Maddie Rose1 (Texas Secrets)


1The Gallaghers original series (Morning Star)
2The Gallaghers of Sweetgrass Springs series