THE SHIP OF BRIDES by Jojo Moyes by Jean BrashearJojo Moyes is best know for the wonderful Me Before You series, and this book is quite different–but in a terrific way! I never knew there were Australian war brides, and the journey they undertook–some 13,000 miles, leaving everything familiar behind–is vividly detailed in this extremely well-researched story. But far beyond the information I learned, the characters she creates are so vivid and the storyline so compelling that this book really impressed me. I tried to be sensible and go to bed when I knew I had a few hours of reading left…but I just couldn’t let go of those characters and absolutely had to know how it ended, so before long, I was back up and reading until the end! Even now, I find myself thinking of characters I know I’ll never forget. Click here to buy the book!

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