To Beard or Not to Beard? by Jean Brashear

Where do you stand on the current fashion for men with facial hair? Micah actually doesn’t have a beard in the story I wrote, but finding cover couples when the woman is a statuesque redhead isn’t easy. So when the cover artist came up with this couple after a lot of looking, I decided not to make a big deal of the bearded cover model, especially since so many younger men have beards these days. I’m not the hugest fan of beards—don’t get me started on the current craze for scraggly huge mountain man beards—but my own beloved has a beard (well-trimmed and not long) and I get why guys like to not have to shave.

Where do you stand on the issue? Leave your comment below!

  1. Definitely no beard. He is much better looking without the beard.

  2. Between the 2 pictures above, the NO beard is much better. I do think if the bearded one combed his hair and groomed up his beard a bit he would be great also.

    • I agree, Carol! I never realized, until I lived with someone with a beard, that just growing it is the easy part–grooming is a whole other deal!

  3. My hubby has a well trimmed beard and I refuse to let him shave it off. Do not like the full mountain man style beard though….personal preference.

  4. I’m good either way BUT… facial hair MUST BE KEMPT, i.e, neat & clean!! Messy, straggly facial hair is a tremendous turnoff for me. Gives me the same willies that Rasta Curls do: what is lurking in that mess???? EWWWWWW! And if you can’t grow a full beard/mustache – do NOT do it!!

  5. Love beards and moustaches. My son has a mountain beard but he keeps it neat not wild like most of them.

  6. My husband had a goatee and I love it on him. I am only a fan of trimmed beards. My son is in college and trimming is not high on his radar at the moment. BUT he is intelligent and trims it before he comes home – smart boy! LOL

    • That’s funny, Rebecca! Yes, smart boy. I keep wondering if guys with the huge bushy mustache/beard combo understand how not fun kissing them is!

  7. No beard. He looks a lot better without a beard.

  8. Trimmed, short beard (like my hubby’s) or scruff is what I prefer.

  9. I do love a beard. But nice trimmed one not a bushy messy one. Hubby has a beard and I’ve never known him without one. And I do like the guy on top with a beard.

    • Mine has a beard now, Janka, and he looks good, but sometimes I really miss that face I love so much. I get, though, why shaving every day is a bummer for guys!

  10. I much prefer no beard. However some men look good with a well trimmed beard.

    Hair also needs to be neat and well groomed. According to my hairdresser, men with a mop on the top of their head are intimidated about their height and are trying to look taller!!

    • Well, that’s an interesting take on it, Tracey! I agree with you–beards work for some, but not for everyone. Thanks!

  11. NOT

  12. Definitely the one with the beard. The other looks too baby faced for me. My husband had a goatee when I met and married him. Then later on, a goatee with a mustache, a mustache, clean shaven, a beard, and a beard and mustache. I prefer him any way but clean shaven. But I also don’t like long scraggly beards or mustaches. A nicely trimmed beard makes a man more interesting looking to me.

  13. My hubby has gone mountain man bearded since early pandemic. It was kind of cute at first but now it’s reaching the almost too long. Says he’ll shave it soon. Loved his mustache when we married almost 40 yrs ago; hoping he’ll go back to that.

    • Oh dear…the pandemic has altered all of us, hasn’t it, Carol? I was talking to a friend the other day about how everyone is going to cope when they have to wear belts and real shoes again.;)

  14. I’m good with a beard as long as it is well cared for and NOT long. My hubby does have a full beard now although for years he had more of a goatee but after covid he stopped shaving the sides – after clearing it with me. 😉

  15. I like a beard (my husband has a close-cropped one), but I also like a clean shaven man. I don’t like the big shaggy beards.

  16. My husband has had a well groomed beard for most of his life. At this point even though he doesn’t have one gray hair, his beard is white. I like beards if they’re well maintained but I also like clean shaven.

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