What's Your Favorite Vacation Spot? by Jean BrashearWhat’s your favorite vacation spot: the mountains, beach, city or desert?

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  1. I like the fresh air and beauty of the mountains.

  2. I enjoy seeing our beautiful world. But my favorite place to be is wherever my grandchildren and their parents are located. That is one reason I spent 3-4 weeks a summer watching baseball♥️⚾️.

    • I like watching baseball…but only love would do that! I hear you on the importance of family, for sure!

  3. I love the mountains especially the snow in the winter.

  4. It is a toss up between the beach and the mountains.

    • They’re both very different, aren’t they? I haven’t been to the beach much, but the sound of the waves is mesmerizing.

  5. I love the red rocks of Utah, historical sites and the soul refreshment of the ocean. When I can’t wait any longer, I just go out on our back deck and sit looking at the trees and the wildlife surrounding our home in the woods.

  6. My husband took me on a cruise to the Caribbeans for our honeymoon. I loved it!! We started taking the kids on cruises when they were young, and going to the beaches. I love the salty air and the waves of the ocean.

  7. I enjoy them all but my all time favorite place to be is at the ocean listening to the waves, watching them roll in. Favorite time is winter when the waves a big from storms. Lucky me I live about an hours drive so I go often.

  8. The ocean calls to me, yet we’ve retired to the midwest to be near family.

  9. Surf camps often create a retreat-like atmosphere, allowing you to disconnect from your daily routine and focus on your passion.

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