Where I Create My Stories by Jean BrashearBeing surrounded by pleasant memories and things I cherish is an important element of my workspace. Here’s a shot of one side of my desk, where I have my books lined up, steadied by a bookend our daughter brought back from a trip. Then there’s a doily of crocheted pansies (loooove pansies!) beneath a pre-Raphaelite (my favorite period of painters) themed coffee mug (“The Decameron” John William Waterhouse) made in Scotland (where some of my ancestors came from and where I would soooo like to travel!)

Where I Create My Stories by Jean Brashear

A jumble, absolutely. And you ain’t seen the half of it. 😉 Clearly I’m not a minimalist—LOL—but the room is filled with meaningful items that surround me with memories of the love that formed me and that fuels every story.

What’s around your home that makes your heart happy?

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